BBTV Staff Picks, September 2021

BBTV Staff Picks: Favorite Creators from September 2021

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By: Reuben Dongalen Jr.

October 1, 2021

For the September edition of our BBTV Staff Picks, three expert BBTV team members weigh in on their favorite content from creators in the BBTV network. They highlight why their picks resonated with them, and offer valuable insight from each creator that you can apply to your content strategy.

Brandon Rogers: Mike Man, Product Marketing Manager

My pick is the one and only Brandon Rogers. He’s an absolute comedy powerhouse and YouTube veteran. Not only does he have literally over a billion views on YouTube, he’s won a Streamy Award, Shorty Award, hosted Just for Laughs, collaborated with Comedy Central, and so much more. I might have a little bias, being part of BBTV Interactive where we just released an app, BrandonRogers BALLS OF FORTUNE, with Brandon, available now on iOS and Android

At BBTV Interactive, we partner with top online creators to make great mobile apps and games together. When finding creators to work with, in addition to the amount of subscribers and views, we also look for how engaged a creator’s audience is with the creator themselves. We look for creators that have a strong enough brand where fans love not only their content but the creator. We also look for someone great to work with, as creating mobile apps and games can require a lot of collaboration. Brandon checked all of the boxes and was a perfect fit. 

Brandon’s content can be a bit out there, albeit unique. We took a different approach with our mobile content and collaborated on an app that was just as unique: a magic 8-ball type app where a crystal ball, featuring Brandon’s array of outrageous characters, would tell your fortune.

Brandon was phenomenal to work with. Despite his schedule and his successes, he was open, humble, responsive, and had great ideas of his own. He knew his audience.

For the launch of the app, BrandonRogers BALLS OF FORTUNE, Brandon released a top quality video to help promote it. The app was created for his fans, so naturally the video was his brand of content and it integrated the app. His fans love the video and the app, which has a global 4.9/5.0 rating on the App Store

Brandon’s videos are hilarious, and while they might not be for everyone, fans of his content absolutely love him. He helped make a highly rated app that featured his brand well, which in turn helped him make a video that his fans adored.

ortoPilot: Sydney Heschuk, Project & Learning Coordinator

As someone who spent many of my pre-pandemic evenings checking out live music, my pick of the month has to be ortoPilot. Matt (ortoPilot) is an extremely talented musician and cover artist who streams live on Twitch and posts his covers, mashups, and original music to his YouTube channel. 

Matt’s performances are reminiscent of an NPR Tiny Desk Concert. He records his videos in his studio surrounded by gear, allowing him to seamlessly switch between instruments all while adjusting the audio effects and his studio lighting on his midi keyboard.

In this video, Matt takes you through the entire loop-building process, from creating a drum beat, shredding on his guitar, to whipping out his saxophone! Matt consistently surpasses expectations with his music. His energy is unmatched and through his process, you’re able to watch him build a unique musical interpretation. He also brings an element of interactivity to his content which helps bridge the gap between live performances and streams which is reflected in his YouTube uploads. 

“As a content creator, it’s impossible to feel creative all the time. Creating a weekly schedule dedicated to creating something had an instant and equal impact on the quality and quantity of my output. Stepping out of my comfort zone always brings a surprising twist to my craft.” 

In an environment where concerts aren’t as accessible as they once were, Matt’s high energy, personability, and raw talent shines through his content and, in my opinion, is a welcome replacement for live music.

Elita: Zach Koche, A&R (Los Angeles), Opposition

Elita, one of Opposition’s latest signings and releases, is my pick this month because of her incredibly unique and extraordinary creative vision, spanning from her music to visuals. Her presence has been steadily growing and continues to reach new audiences with each single she puts out.

Her latest single “Sour Switchblade” is a song firmly rooted in Bedroom Pop but also transcends through indie, pop and more. Her cohesive branding and outgoing personality make her an absolute rockstar in her own lane.

Unique personalities and creative content shine on the YouTube screen. Brandon Rogers, ortoPilot, and Elita are creators that fall into that category, helping them captivate audiences everywhere. Thinking outside the box, showcasing a rare talent, and understanding who your audience is can help you better resonate with viewers. Partner with BBTV today to get the support from industry experts who will help you highlight your best qualities and enhance your content strategy.

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