BBTV Staff Picks - Nov 2022

BBTV Staff Picks: Why These Creators’ Approach to Content is Winning Our Hearts

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November 22, 2022

For this month’s BBTV Staff Picks, the team highlights three of their favorite creators whose fun and passionate approach to content translates into success. Double Toasted, JLawBball, and Azzyland are some of the most entertaining channels on YouTube! Their personalities shine through the screen whether it’s in their comedy, competitive nature, or their authentic reactions, allowing them to captivate fans and build long-lasting communities online.

Double Toasted: Ashley Buck, PR & Corporate Communications Specialist

As a film and entertainment buff myself, I always appreciate good chatter about a new film or what’s happening in the world of pop culture. My pick for the month is #BBTVFam, Double Toasted, a unique talk show based out of Austin, Texas that features Hollywood movie reviews, pop culture commentary and fun animated entertainment. 

Korey Coleman–owner, creator, and host of Double Toasted–known for his work from, found performing in front of a camera to be just as fun as being behind the scenes. So, he formed Double Toasted in 2014.

Very passionate about presentation and keeping their audience entertained, Double Toasted tries to approach every show with a fair and detailed point of view, but also with a sense of humor. Double Toasted has also won the Austin Chronicle’s “Best of Austin” Award for Best Podcast in 2015 and 2017. Check out their review of the most talked about movie and press tour of the year, Don’t Worry Darling

JLawBball: JR Dongalen, Content Marketing Specialist

Basketball has grown significantly online, with hundreds to thousands of creators sharing all things basketball, making it easy to feed my love for the game. One creator continuing to captivate hoopers like me through their content is NBA Playmaker, JLawBball, who is also my staff pick for the month.

Jordan Lawley, aka JLawBball, is best known for his YouTube content of training some of the NBA’s best and rising talent. In fact, over this past summer, Jordan spent a lot of time with the Oklahoma City Thunder’s guard, Josh Giddey, the Orlando Magic’s Jalen Suggs, and the New Orleans Pelicans’ recent draft pick, Dyson Daniels.

Going back even further, JLaw has worked with notable NBA names including Alex Caruso, Klay Thompson, Jeremy Lin, Montrezl Harrell, Zach Lavine, CJ McCollum, Russell Westbrook, Julius Randle, and much more. However, his loyal following and popularity don’t stem from the NBA players he’s worked with. Instead, it’s because of his fun, upbeat attitude and coaching style that resonates with the players he works with and the hoop heads consuming his content.

When you watch his videos, whether he’s in the middle of a pickup game, sharing his analysis via TikTok, or training youth basketball players, he doesn’t take things too seriously all while bringing a level of HEALTHY competition, making the often monotonous routine of drills and skill work enjoyable. 

For Jordan, his energetic and comedic approach to the game is unique to his personality. From blocking kids’ layups with sticks and trash talking players during routine drills to getting a haircut in the middle of a session, his love for the game is amplified by simply not taking it too darn seriously. Recently, JLaw visited Australia to watch Xavier Rathan-Mayes tear up the court in the NBL, a guy he has spent countless hours with in the gym. JLaw’s genuine support for the players he works with is also a refreshing sight to see, considering that basketball has become a victim to the hunt for monetary value as early as the AAU stages.

JLawBball is one of the most unique, refreshing, and genuine basketball creators online. If you love to hoop like me and want basketball content that is competitive yet welcoming, his channel is the place for you.

Azzyland: Natalie Guo, CRM Developer

My pick for the month is #BBTVFam, Azzyland, who has risen to internet fame thanks to her entertaining, fun, and hilarious videos reacting to viral content online! I don’t have a lot of time to keep up with pop culture across different social media platforms, so watching Azzyland’s videos helps me stay up to date! Her content is like watching your favorite shows, movies, or videos with a friend; you’ll always have a good laugh and a fun time.

Most of her content sits between 10 to 15 minutes, making it very easy to consume. She is also very consistent with posting, so I know when to expect new content from her. If you haven’t seen her videos, visit her channel to get your pop culture fix in a short and sweet way!

Double Toasted, JLawBball, and Azzyland’s are creators with content strategies that are quite unique from one another, however, their light-hearted approach to their passions and interests such as movies and TV, basketball, and pop culture resonates with fans and the things they love the most.

Want to establish a strong, loyal online community of fans through your content strategy? Connect with BBTV to work with our dedicated creator growth team, focused on providing you with industry best practices and expertise to ensure the real you shines through the screen. Our team will put your passions and interests as creators first, making sure you’re able to make content that is both meaningful and valuable for you.

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