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November 25, 2020

BBTV is a great place to work but don’t just take our word for it. Hear from some of the incredible people that make BBTV what it is today, in our new YouTube series “BBTV Stories.”

The featured BBTV employees are sharing who they are on and off the clock. In these uncertain times, we’re celebrating the inspiring lives and amazing journeys of the individuals that are helping lead us into the future of digital storytelling. 

Enjoy the featured videos below. For more of these interviews, head to our YouTube channel

Creating Your Career Path – BBTV Stories With Neel

Neel has been with BBTV since 2012, and he leads Brand and Creative as well as Partner Experience. In this video he talks about his unique path to where he is now, and how the culture has evolved at BBTV in the 8 years he’s been with the company.

Working Hard For Creators – BBTV Stories With Kat

Meet Kat, BBTV’s Director, Talent Management and Events! Learn how Kat bridges the gap between events and supporting BBTV creators, and get a sense for who she is when she’s not managing her incredible team. Hint: whatever it is, it’s likely outdoors!

World Traveler Helping With User Experience – BBTV Stories With Jen

Meet Jen from our Research & Development team, and learn what drives her to work hard as a UX/ UI designer. She dives into her fascinating life outside of work, from travelling the world to competing in triathlons abroad. Find out how she moved to Dubai and what brought her back to beautiful BC!

Take a look at what roles are available, and join our world-class team from the likes of Neel, Kat, and Jen, and live the #BBTVLife through our commitment to providing you with equal opportunities.

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