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  • Equal Pay Day, Equal Pay, Gender pay gap, Gender equality

    3 years ago


    Equal Pay Day 2020: 4 Actionable Steps to Pay Equality

    Equal Pay Day is designed to increase awareness around the gender pay gap between men and women in the workplace. A 2018 ... study in Canada found that women earned $0.87 to men’s $1.00. Research by McKinsey estimates that bridging this  …

    Avatar of Emily

    By: Emily

    March 31, 2020

  • broadbandtv, BBTV, company culture, media tech

    3 years ago


    Welcome to the BBTV Blog

    Welcome to the BBTV Blog.

    BBTV began with an idea back in 2005. An idea that online video was changing the face of entertainment and empowering a ... new generation of storytellers, and that content was entering a new era of  …

    Avatar of Justine

    By: Justine

    March 23, 2020

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