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By: Reuben Dongalen Jr.

May 27, 2021

Back-to-School season is one of the landmark shopping moments of the year in the U.S., second only to Christmas. In 2020, Back-to-School and Back-to-College consumer spending exceeded $100 billion dollars in the U.S. 

As of the first week of August, 39% of parents still aren’t sure what is needed for the new school year, and the flood of YouTube content dedicated to Back-to-School works as their guide.  

Across many industries and demographics, YouTube content has become the most effective way to influence the purchase behavior of young adults. 

In a survey conducted by Troot, more than half (56%) of respondents noted that YouTube was the most effective channel to influence their buying behavior. 

There are endless opportunities for brands to align their products alongside creators and their audiences ahead of the first bell. Brands can authentically take part in one of the most anticipated tent poles of the year by tapping into existing trending video content on YouTube. 

YouTube is the New Shopping Guide 

Back-to-School shopping has further evolved from the traditional in-person experience to a massive online event, affecting the decision-making process preceding a purchase. Searching and learning about products through YouTube content has become a common first step, with consumers tapping into popular video trends such as product reviews and unboxing videos to help guide the way.  

This is where brands can make a lasting impression on parents, children and college students – all of whom look to their favorite YouTubers for a connection through lifestyle choices and brand affiliation.  

Our Back-To-School Solutions for your Brand 

With our massive Creator Network, targeting tools, and branded content background, BBTV can help your brand reach Back-To-School Audiences in a variety of ways: 

  • Media across specific verticals 
  • Targeting key demographics 
  • Brand/Product integrations 
  • Social Amplifications (FB, TikTok, Snap and others) 

Targeting YouTube audiences for Back-to-School shopping is a mixed bag; spanning content for parents, young adults, and children across varying demographics. Enlisting creators in key verticals for brand integrations exposes your products to a range of audiences and folds your products into content that speaks directly to your target’s age, interests and preferences. BBTV’s Ad Solutions offer contextual targeting for brands interested in access to content programming solutions deep and authentic activations. The best part is, there’s no heavy lifting on your part. 

Back-to-School Shopping: A Family Affair  

Approximately 68% of online Back-to-School shoppers will order from big-box retailer websites and apps, compared to 65% who will buy exclusively from Amazon.  

Brands looking to reach this massive segment of big box shoppers can align their Back-to-School campaigns with kids and family entertainment creators. BBTV’s Family & Kids vertical houses hundreds of creators across a number of genres, amassing millions of subscribers and generating billions of views per month.  

BBTV’s massive network of Family & Kids creators includes Genevieve’s Playhouse and Family Fun Pack, who reach over 19.2 million and 9.7 million subscribers, respectively. One of our favorite video trends that brands can easily plug into is the Back-to-School Scavenger Hunt by Family Fun Pack. Mom, Kristine, adds a twist to Back-to-School shopping this year by tasking her children with a quest for supplies and essentials. Maybe they’ll find your products on the shelves this year! 

Product Reviews That You Can Trust 

Product reviews are a popular video trend that consistently engages audiences and builds strong trust between viewers and the creator. Tech and gaming verticals are well-known for offering up comprehensive and honest reviews of the latest gadgets.  

BBTV’s tech and gaming vertical houses some of YouTube’s most popular and respected creators across the platform including iamSanna, Azzyland, TechSource, and randomfrankp. The power of these verticals cannot be understated. 

Product reviews are a surefire way for brands to get a good chunk of time in front of target audiences. With a built-in connection between the creator and their subscribers, your brand becomes part of the authentic viewing experience.  

For example, TechSource’s ‘Cool Tech Under $’ series features new, convenient, and useful yet inexpensive products of the month. Once school season rolls around, TechSource will feature exciting and budget-friendly products that students can add to their Back-to-School shopping lists. Featuring your products in this popular series will draw hundreds of thousands of views and place your brand at the center of the story. 

Clothing Hauls and Unboxings 

Back-to-School implies fresh starts for those returning to campus. While new erasers are a must, new wardrobes let your kids’ classmates see their fresh new look for the school year.  

Some of the top-performing brand integrations include clothing hauls and unboxings. These video trends are even more popular during Back-to-School season. Both Gen Z and Millennials audiences are captivated by what their favorite fashionistas and lifestyle creators are buying for the Fall season. BBTV’s Fashion & Lifestyle vertical includes hundreds of trend-setters like Rosie McClelland and Brad Mondo.  

Last year, high school sweetheart Rosie McClelland showcased her clothing haul in preparation for her first day back to school. BBTV’s Ad Solutions team helps brands connect with the right creator to embody their brand and show off their latest merch, so perhaps this school season Rosie could be unveiling one of your latest pieces. 

BBTV’s Brand Safety Solutions 

When it comes to developing ad campaigns for younger audiences, BBTV uses technology and deep expertise to match advertisers and their ads with BBTV creators based on content types and verticals. As a mainstay in the Family Entertainment and Kids content verticals, BBTV is compliant with all major data and security bodies including COPPA and GDPR.  

Advertisers working with BBTV can feel extra secure about their brand safety and alignment through BBTV’s VISO technology, ensuring your ads are placed only against the safest of content. BBTV provides standardized performance reporting compatible with industry standard third parties for advanced measurement, including Nielsen and MOAT.  

Back-to-School season is the perfect opportunity for brands and creators to collaborate on one of the most lucrative tentpoles of the year. Working with BBTV’s Ad Solutions team makes the experience easy with intelligent targeting at every step, and a massive creator network with direct access to your target audience.  

For more information about BBTV’s reach across multiple verticals, contact our team! 

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