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Why Your Next Digital Ad Campaign Should Target Families Watching YouTube

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March 28, 2022

YouTube remains the number one video platform for family content. Even with the arrival of streaming platforms such as Disney+, Netflix, Twitch and TikTok, YouTube has held its place as the top destination for children in the U.S.

A number of reasons can be attributed to the fact that a staggering 85% of U.S children have watched YouTube content recently. It’s considered an established platform that worked out the growing pains of catering content to families, and offers a diverse range of content formats. At its core though, YouTube provides families access to relatable creators committed to building deep connections with their viewers. 

This is where BBTV can make a significant impact for brands looking to convert families on YouTube into long term consumers of your products. With the largest Family YouTube network, BBTV boasts the audience reach and influence to make your next digital ad campaign a success. 

YouTube’s Family Entertainment Superstars

While brands such as Lego and Mattel have made great strides in developing content that speaks to the younger digital-first viewer, YouTube’s top performing family content still comes largely from content creators native to the platform. In fact, YouTube giants such as CoComelon and Kids Diana Show consistently top YouTube superstars, brands and media outlets across all genres and verticals.

BBTV’s own roster of content creators includes top creators such as Genevieve’s Playhouse, Family Fun Pack and FamousTubeFamily and who together account for over 38 million subscribers. Collectively, our library of family entertainment content pulls in over 11 million monthly unique views in the U.S and reaches over 100M subscribers. From play alongs to family vacation vlogs, our creators have built entertainment empires by knowing how family content on YouTube succeeds. Carefully curated to ensure only premium and brand safe content is being targeted for digital ad campaigns, BBTV Ad Solutions not only ensures that your ads are seen by millions of parents but that they resonate with your target consumer.

When To Target Family Content on YouTube

While family content has always been popular on YouTube, the first half of 2020 saw viewership on kids’ content on the platform increase by 79%, made-for-kids videos from major brands were also up 64%, and influencer video views rose by 18%. While this can be attributed to the COVID-19 social distancing measures, more parents still continue to work from home than ever before and younger generations are more inclined to tune into YouTube than linear TV’s limited options. 

However, the uptick in early 2020 points to an interesting trend moving forward when children are not in school and parents continue work or simply need a break. While the winter holidays have consistently shown an increase in YouTube viewership, children are likely to tune into YouTube at higher rates during Spring Break and the summer holidays as well. 

How Brands Can Align with Family Content on YouTube

Parents are looking for content that is not only family-safe but that actively promotes positive interests, development and education, and fosters a genuine connection. BBTV has built a powerful network of family entertainment creators with these values in mind. The importance of these ethics in helping parents make choices for their children doesn’t just stop at the content. Whether it’s a pre-roll ad or a shoutout, brands that reflect and advocate for positive experiences will also be sought after by parents in the same way. 

Consistently, YouTube content such as unboxings, play alongs, nursery rhymes and family adventure vlogs have garnered tons of views and positive engagement. Brands looking to tap into the family entertainment are spoiled for options when working with BBTV’s creator network. Take Family Fun Pack’s Cooking & Recipes series which sees different members of the family get together to prepare family-friendly recipes. Or, their Mommy Monday series in which Kristine engages with the fan community and shares her side of motherhood with their massive audience. For marketers looking to align with relatable and authentic family content, the options go far past children’s toys by extending to the needs and wants of parents as well. 

Genevieve’s Playhouse has become a go-to channel for over 24 million fans thanks to relatable content that allows children to play and learn alongside their videos. An easy win for brands looking to integrate their products in play along content, Genevieve’s Playhouse’s videos cover all major children’s toy brands.

More than ever before, diversity in family content is a higher priority for families of all races and ethnicities. For both parents and their children, it is crucial to experience entertainment and educational content from creators who look, speak and live just like them. With diversity top of mind, BBTV is home to family entertainers such as FamousTubeKids. This family of five embodies and reflects a genuine lived experience for young minority parents and their children. Lately, the family has expanded their to YouTube Shorts where endearing family moments can see over 14 million views.  

BBTV is also a proud partner with YouTube Kids. The family-friendly video app helps children learn and have fun through premium content aligned with their ages and interests. Through BBTV’s HooplaKidz brand, advertisers can get exclusive access to 68.6M monthly impressions and reach families safely. Interested in aligning your next ad campaign with BBTV’s massive and highly engaged network of family entertainment creators? Reach out to BBTV Ad Solutions for scalable solutions you can trust. 

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