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BBTV has exclusive rights to premium, first run content not sold by anyone else. 100% brand safe delivered across creators that dominate in entertainment, music, sports, kids & family, and gaming. We connect you to elusive digital generation audiences in content that is proven to be more effective for advertisers.

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If you want to reach audiences at massive scale, BBTV is the exclusive home to the most influential creators on YouTube.

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Case Studies

  • The Challenge

    Gillette Venus aimed to diversify their customer base and raise awareness for their product line against young females 18-34, resonating with audiences through their passion points and content they love.

    The Solution

    Gillette Venus’s messaging cross-pollinated various categories from Entertainment and Lifestyle to Gaming and Music through a lineup of BBTV’s top-tier, brand safe YouTubers.


    Gillette Venus’s campaign with BBTV exceeded performance benchmarks (CTR and viewability), while effectively connecting with their audience through authentic YouTubers covering different passion points.

  • The Challenge

    Ahead of the new horror release “Smile,” Paramount’s goals were to build awareness, bring excitement, and drive avid, female, and multicultural horror and thriller fans to the theaters on opening weekend.

    The Solution

    BBTV tapped into its proprietary tech and premium, multicultural, and entertainment creators to drive awareness, engagement, guarantee brand safety, and contextually align with Paramount’s core demographic and horror movie enthusiasts.


    Paramount Pictures’ campaign with BBTV exceeded its core objectives. Through strategic collaboration, Paramount effectively connected with female, multicultural horror and thriller fans, while the majority of their impressions were delivered through the target audience’s most desired platforms (CTV and mobile).

  • The Challenge

    For the 2022 holiday season, Amazon needed to drive brand affinity among the general population and multicultural audiences, reminding customers how Amazon makes their shopping experiences easy and frictionless.

    The Solution

    Leveraging BBTV’s sheer scale, contextual targeting capabilities and top-tier storytellers, Amazon was able to engage and emotionally resonate with its target audience during key cultural moments.


    The BBTV campaign for Amazon's holiday season outperformed targets (CTR, VCR and Viewability), while nearly 9 in 10 impressions were delivered through Connected TV and Smartphones, resulting in maximum impact, and an increase in brand affinity among the general population and multicultural audiences.

  • The Challenge

    In order to keep up with an expanding customer base, Spotify tapped into two of BBTV’s top content verticals–Hip-Hop music and Roblox gaming–to effectively reach and engage Gen-Z’s and Hip-Hop fans.

    The Solution

    An extensive list of Hip-Hop artists, and some of the biggest Roblox YouTube creators, enabled Spotify to exceed its media campaigns goals for Q3 ‘22 with BBTV, employing their tech to optimize ad placements and contextual alignment.


    The BBTV campaign for Spotify successfully exceeded its media campaign goals, demonstrating outstanding performance (CTR, VCR and Viewability) via top destinations: mobile recorded the highest number of actions and CTV had the highest percentage of viewable impressions.

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