4 Tips To Enhance Your Webcam & Video Recording Setup

4 Tips To Enhance Your Webcam & Video Recording Setup

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By: Reuben Dongalen Jr.

July 12, 2022

Whether you’re recording an informative video, live streaming, producing social media videos or vlogs, your webcam and video setup play a big part in the success of your content.

Having premium equipment is the first step, knowing how to use it is an entirely different story.

In this article, we’re sharing valuable tips to help you level up your webcam and video recording setup, ultimately enhancing the quality of your content to better appeal to current fans and new viewers.

Tip 1: Position Your Camera In The Correct Spot

How you position your camera depends on the tone or the interaction style of your content.

Typical Gamer | YouTube

In fact, your camera position matters a lot. It’s a key factor in ensuring you can effectively communicate with your audience through your content.

If you’re live streaming a video game or recording an informative video, a camera angle that captures you above the chest is preferred. This gives viewers a good picture of the subject, allowing them to see your live reactions throughout the video, or to create an intimate experience. Check Matt D’Avella, a creator that does a good job of optimizing their screen space. 

We recommend positioning your webcam/video camera far enough away to capture your shoulders and your entire face with some room to spare. If you’re too close-up, it may be overwhelming for the viewer. On the other hand, being too far away from the camera can make it difficult to see your face clearly.

Tim Chantarangsu | YouTube

Other content styles such as podcasts, group live streams, or DIY videos require different angles; one rule of thumb is to position your camera at eye level with the subjects. Anything higher or lower can be distracting for viewers. Think of it like the viewer is sitting (or standing) there with you.

Tip 2: Set Up a Light Source In Front of You

We’ve mentioned it before: having proper lighting helps viewers focus on the subject and amplify the look and feel of your videos to subtly (or drastically) improve the viewer’s experience. 

Don’t worry, you don’t need grade A studio lighting or a professional softbox lighting kit to brighten up your recording space. It could be something as simple as a lamp or a tripod ring light. You can also adjust your recording space to face a window so that you can take advantage of natural lighting.

However, there are some things to avoid when it comes to lighting:

  • Avoid overhead lighting or fluorescent lights
  • Avoid positioning light sources above you, below you, or on one side. They cause an imbalance in lighting, leaving a one side or portion of your face submerged in darkness.
  • Avoid strong light sources directly behind you; this can turn you into a silhouette, placing the focus entirely on your background instead of the subject.

Proper lighting sets the mood and tone, creates a flattering shot, and highlights the most important parts of your content, ensuring your viewers focus on what you want them to see.

Tip 3: Plan Your Wardrobe Ahead of Time

Your wardrobe actually affects the quality of your video: if it doesn’t contrast well with your background or your setting, it can distract your viewers and remove the focus from the subject.

TechSource | YouTube

If you have a darker aesthetic, a lighter, neutral coloured shirt will pop more on screen, enhancing the focus on the subject. Same applies for a background with lighter elements; wear a darker-colored shirt that helps you stand out on video.

As a general rule, solid and rich colors look best on video and film. 

Safe colors to wear would be not-quite-white colors like light beige and light gray. Try and choose colors that compliment your skin tone, and wear colors that make you feel comfortable and confident. Little things have a deeper meaning; feeling comfortable and confident will lift your angles and elevate your posture on camera.

Tip 4: Invest In Your Recording Space or Background

More often than not, creators tend to believe a blank and empty wall for a background is easy to work with, and helps the viewers focus on the subject. While it is true in some cases, blank walls and canvases can be bland and lack the “umph” factor that brings personality to your video content. 

Your background is an opportunity to immediately showcase who and what you are about.


Check NBA Playmakers creator, JAHRONMON, who does a cool job of sharing his computer setup, using his screen to showcase the topic of the vid.

Maeve Reilly | YouTube

Another up and coming YouTuber, Maeve Reilly, sets the tone by featuring her impressive closet and wardrobe setup with the neon sign in the background.

Let your personality shine on screen! Be creative with your background and incorporate themes and elements of your content so your viewers (new and current fans) will know right from the jump what you’re all about. 

Looking for more ways to enhance your content and elevate the production quality of your videos? Work with our expert Channel Growth team to hone in on the key elements of your personality and passions to take your video content to the next level.

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