GRWM Content: A Goldmine For Brands and Marketers

GRWM Content: A Goldmine For Brands and Marketers

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June 1, 2022

Get Ready With Me (most commonly known as GRWM) content is a pervasive trend spanning platforms, genres, audience types, and interests. Not only is GRWM content highly influential with digital audiences, its ability to continually transform proves it can weather the fast-pace social media landscape. 

While the concept of sharing step-by-step routines of beloved celebrities and public figures is not new, the format has rapidly transformed into a video trend that has been adopted by almost every influencer. With consumers increasingly looking first to their favorite content creators (and some of our own BBTV creators) before making a purchase decision, GRWM content is the perfect way for brands to work with creators right now. 

GRWM’s Origin Story

Magazines’ “Day In The Life” articles of Hollywood’s biggest stars and blogs such as “In To The Gloss” can be considered as the origin story for today’s popular GRWM videos. Editorial giants including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar transformed these features into YouTube videos featuring today’s biggest stars. Soon after, YouTube and social media platforms like TikTok became filled with influencers sharing their own GRWM. 

Why does this trend continue to hold a special place in our hearts? The videos offer a feeling of proximity to public figures we love and want to know more about. On top of this, the aspiration to look and live like our favorite celebrities has always been a massive driver behind celebritydom. In today’s entertainment world, influencers have gained significant ground with audiences, replacing traditional celebrities at the top of the pyramid. Together, these are convincing reasons for brands and marketers to pay extra attention to the GRWM trend.

GRWM: A Place For Brands To Be Brands

The biggest misconception about GRWM content is that it only exists in beauty and lifestyle content, and brands outside this scope can’t participate. The reality is that GRWM content is currently having a unique moment: it’s pervasive, spanning many verticals and content types. It is being used across demographics and across interests in different ways. Currently, #GRWM on TikTok has 27.6 billion views. Plus, the trend isn’t simply for celebrities and influencers; the easy-to-replicate format has been adopted by users to create their own GRWM, taking them one step closer to feeling like an influencer in their own rite. From workouts to “what I eat in a day” videos to a family’s morning routine, every vertical and type of content creator has tapped into this addictive content format. 

BBTV creator, Natalia Taylor, shines in this transformation as she prepares for a photoshoot!

What’s exciting for brands looking to work alongside content creators, is that many GRWM videos highlight influencers’ favorite products as the key to achieving a desired outcome. Whether it’s an influencer’s favorite face wash or their environmentally friendly laundry detergent or their favorite workout gear, brands can benefit from the authenticity embedded in GRWM content. If fans strive to look and feel like their favorite influencers, who have built a deep relationship with their fan community, GRWM content allows brands to become a part of this authentic interaction too. 

In a recent Google survey, 47% of U.S consumers ages 18 to 24 surveyed agree that they feel a personal connection to a brand when it’s used by a creator they like. 

The key here for marketers attempting to tap into this impressionable consumer market is to work with content creators on branded content rather than attempt to replicate this format on their own. Taking it one step further, a key element to a successful collaboration is to go beyond a shout out. GRWM content does just that. Audiences watch their favorite content creators use these products as a part of their everyday lives. What’s more convincing than that?

Take Rihanna’s Vogue Beauty Secrets video. The mega superstar used the 10-minute video to plug her own beauty line Fenty by applying products to give viewers the inside scoop on how she uses her own line. 

The video generated over 38 million views (and counting!). What’s important for brands to note here is that the outright plugging of her line didn’t deter viewers from positively engaging with the video. In fact, young digital audiences largely react positively to branded content and understand that success is often the moment a creator gets a sponsored opportunity from a brand they have long championed in their content. 

BBTV’s Creator Network: Home to the most engaging content

With top creators across every major content vertical from Gaming and Sports to Family Entertainment and Beauty & Lifestyle, BBTV’s a one-stop-shop for Media and Branded Entertainment, directly supporting the creator economy by connecting brands with our creators and their exclusive highly-engaging content. BBTV’s creator network owns a powerful piece of YouTube viewership and content trends – particularly in the GRWM space. 

Our Beauty & Lifestyle content alone is 3.7 times more engaging than the YouTube average. Top BBTV creators such as Brad Mondo, Nazanin Kavari and TheMakeupChair centered around the beauty and make up vertical pull in an average of 120 million monthly views. 

Often creators sharing GRWM content exist across multiple verticals, resonating with a diverse set of audiences and interest groups. Take BBTV creator, CJ So Cool, a lifestyle vlogger, family entertainer, and fashion star who resonates with a diverse audience including sneakerheads, young parents, gamers, and hip hop lovers. The opportunities for a branded GRWM video with CJ and his family are endless spanning demographics, cultures, and interest groups. 

The beauty of GRWM is that it shows products being integrated seamlessly into the lives of our favorite influencers in the most authentic ways. GRWM content points to the use of these products as making influencers’ lives better – whether it’s the vitamins they take in the morning or a coffee brand that fuels their day. The possibilities for an integration are endless and the influence is unprecedented. 

Learn more about how your brand can be aligned with premium BBTV creators and integrated within the most influential and watched content on YouTube. 

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