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How To Add Links To Instagram Stories Without 10K Followers

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By: Reuben Dongalen Jr.

October 7, 2021

Instagram recently made significant changes to the creator experience, including how users add links to Instagram Stories. Instead of the ‘Swipe Up’ feature that directs followers to a link, the platform decided to remodel it as a tappable sticker tag.

The decision was made to “streamline the Instagram Stories creation process,” offering creators more freedom to format stickers and design their Stories to their liking. However, one speed bump remains: the tag is only available to creators that are either verified or have over 10k followers, with a handful of smaller creators getting the opportunity to experiment with the linkable sticker.

We’re sharing three creative ways you can add links to your Instagram Stories without needing 10K followers or a verified account. Keep reading to learn how. 

1. Use The Swipe Up To An IGTV Video

Creators can still direct their audience to various links to Instagram Stories with an IGTV video, even if they don’t have 10K followers. 

While the action doesn’t immediately guide the viewer to a URL, content creators actually have the flexibility through an IGTV video’s description to add multiple links. In fact, your IGTV videos can act as a mini landing page. This is especially helpful in content such as hauls, unboxings, or product reviews to direct your viewers to the digital storefronts where you’ve purchased individual items like tech and clothing.

Here’s how you can direct your audience to the links in your IGTV Video, through your Instagram Story:

  1. Record a video (a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum length of 10 minutes), add links to your description, and upload it to IGTV.
  2. Create an Instagram Story. Go to the stickers tab, select the ‘Reshare’ tab, and select the IGTV video you’d like to share. Enlarge or place it based on your visual preference.
  3. Add a clear call-to-action encouraging your viewers to tap your IGTV video. You can also mention in your CTA that links to products or sources can be found in the description of your IGTV video. 

2. Use The ‘@Mention’ Sticker With Your Username

Instagram Stickers are an easy way to make your Instagram Stories more appealing. The sticker allows you to tag anyone in your Stories, which you can use to encourage your followers to engage with your links. When a user taps on that sticker, they will be directed to the mentioned account’s profile where they can find the link in bio. You can then tag yourself and add a call-to-action to encourage your followers to visit the link on your profile. 

Here are some steps to engaging your followers with the sticker:

  1. Add a link in bio or URL to your profile
  2. Create an Instagram Story. Add supporting content like a photo, video, text, or reshare a post or IGTV video.
  3. Add a call-to-action that invites your followers to visit your profile.
  4. Select the ‘@Mention’ sticker and type in your own username. Place it based on the design or positioning of your Instagram Story content.

Tip: You can add another Sticker overtop of your username to improve the aesthetics of your Story.

This creative way of designing Instagram Stories not only improves overall user experience, but also shakes up how you’re communicating “link in bio” CTAs to your followers.  

3. Create A Poll And Direct Message Your Respondents

We recently shared unique ways to interact with your fans; an Instagram poll is also an effective method you can add to that list when trying to cultivate a personal connection with your audience.

Polls are a great way to get answers and responses from your followers. Whether it’s to inquire about a form of content you’d like to share, or a simple question on a product to try for the next video, you can better understand what your audience is looking for when it comes to your content.

You can use the poll one of two ways: 

  • Add the poll to your Instagram Story and ask your audience if they’d like a link to the content you are sharing such as a seminar, live stream, or a website, simply using ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as the response options.
  • Use the poll sticker to promote two different links. Some examples include creator guides for Instagram or TikTok, a clothing catalogue of different outfits and hauls you’ve showcased in the past, or different ways of donating to different charities and organizations.

The next step would be to directly message your followers who have responded with the link. This may be a tedious step, however, this will help creators with under 10K followers build an authentic connection because you are going the extra mile with your audience.

Verified influencers with large followings have access to many exclusive resources across various platforms. However, smaller, aspiring creators can accomplish the same actions in unique ways. Creating mini landing pages with IGTV, creatively applying different Stickers and building a personal connection can help you create a more profound and personalized experience between your followers and your content.

From social media scheduling services like Hootsuite, to premium ‘link in bio’ platforms such as, creators of all sizes within the BBTV network have the tools to share all their links and content. Partner with BBTV to take advantage of these premium perks, alongside the support and expertise of our Channel Growth team, to take your social media game to the next level.

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